President Obama on the First Thing He and Michelle Will Do After Leaving the White House: ‘Go Someplace Warm’

President Obama became the first sitting commander-in-chief on the Tonight Show Thursday.


Along with late-night host Jimmy Fallon, POTUS opened the show with the popular “Slow Jam the News” sketch, highlighting his 8 years in office while Fallon added in some pop culture references, like calling Obama “Barack-y with the good hair” by alluding to Beyoncй’s Lemonade album.

During the sit-down, Fallon and Obama focused on the “223 days” left in his second term as topics of parenting, post-presidency, and, of course, the election were discussed.

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Angry Birds voice actor Bill Hader ceases pretending to understand Angry Birds

Everybody and their uncle has played “Angry Birds.” Except some select members of the voice cast of The Angry Birds Movie.
The fowl-vs.-pigs mobile program and its various versions have been downloaded over 3 billion times, making it the most downloaded mobile game ever.
At an Angry Birds Movie press event on Tuesday, Bill Hader, who expresses the pig Leonard in the animated movie, at first seemed to be a huge fan of the program that was favorite.